Selecting the right lubricant for a specific application and using it correctly is critical for minimizing wear and tear, reducing costs through lower consumption, maintaining optimum reliability of equipment, and minimizing downtime. These high-quality lubricants are developed to cater for the exact requirements of the construction industry and are amongst the best in terms of protection and performance.

They offer a superior level of protection against wear, rust and corrosion filtration. Our specialized water-resistant silicon lubricant is designed to meet industry-specific requirements. They generate a protective wall that limits the interaction that causes abrasion maintaining your equipment in working condition when subjected to high traffic and aggressive environments. Our lubricants under this segment work towards improving the efficiency and impact of construction equipment by lessening the rate of friction and wear. 

Selecting lubricants provided by The Hardware Depot is selecting reliable, high-performance and above all, satisfaction. Get products from accredited manufacturers with high-performing standards so that the lubricant you buy from us will perform to the highest standard. Our friendly customer support division is always ready to answer your queries and offer professional recommendations to suit your needs and select the most suitable protective clothing and equipment for you.